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With my next post, I'm going to try a new picture linking procedure. Instead of linking to the LJ scrapbook page, I'm going to link to the full size picture. Please let me know if this causes any problems. (I figure the only person I knew of who didn't have broadband now does, so I might as well.)

Thanks in advance!
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The registrar at PCNW wrote back saying all I had to do was reassure her I knew the material in the prerequisite class. So I did that!

I got an assignment for Real Change last night, a candlelight vigil for the victims of Katrina. I'm not sure, actually, what the sponsoring organization was. The organizer started off with an introduction and some remarks that were pretty good, then gave the mike to a reverend who gave the opening prayer. After that, it was an open mike for people who felt like doing so to come up and speak. As is the case with these things, some people were moving, some were rambling and soporific. But overall, there was a positive energy. Many people said we have to stop taking it and stand up for ourselves.

For a while I was thinking about the Art of Resistance procession I covered back in mid May, and how incredibly lame it was to me. It was strictly middle class downwardly mobile Caucasoid slackers (much like myself, of course). A woman gave a short speech in Spanish. While she was speaking, I wondered if anyone understood her. As it turned out, there was: One of the bums in the park did.

I've covered five or six union events over the summer. They've all been multiethnic and multiracial. Last night I felt that the fluff of the Art of Resistance had been washed away, and finally I was left with the core of the beginnings of action, what I was at last night.

There weren't many people. I counted 42 before we started, and enough arrived during the event that we may have gotten up to 60. Somebody passed a bucket and we raised a couple hundred dollars to go towards a project one of the speakers was coordinating.

As I said, I felt like there was a core there, a core that will keep growing.

I've already told the RC editor that I'd like to keep working with him when I get back. My schedule will be full, which is always nice: A class on Monday nights, Riley care, Real Change photography, and exploring Seattle with Julie. I also think that with the earlier sunsets I'll get back into neon pictures, which I've been hankering to do, believe it or else, for quite a while.

Okay, then

Sep. 7th, 2005 01:12 pm
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I've been really foot dragging about my application to the UW, every step of the way.

I missed my "first year programs" advising session last Wednesday because my back was hurting that day (how conveeeeeeenyint), and haven't done anything about making a new appointment.

So, instead I just sent an email to the Photography Center Northwest submitting my scrapbook as a prerequisite for their Digital Imaging I class. It starts Monday, Sept. 26.
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For some reason, after posting the John Edwards picture last night (this morning) I just plunged. I really had the physical sensation in my stomach of falling. I wasn't dizzy, it was very local. It was like sudden onset depression or something.

I slept well for a couple hours, but was then wakeful and restless around dawn, and finally got to sleep again for a few hours. Now -- here I am! Woohoo!

Today: One of those days where I'll try to stay away from the computer as much as possible. ("Again?" says Rocky. "That trick never works!")

Some photo thoughts:

I've been thinking of panoramic photos recently. Most of the time when someone shoots a panorama, they stand in one place and rotate. I've been wondering what it would look like to lay a strip of tape down on the ground and follow that, so that the plane of focus in the camera would have close to the same angle to the plane of composition throughout the series. Or, one could take a reference photo, draw a grid on it, and take the photos for the panorama to match the grid. Would the massiveness of the resultant print add anything to the image? Or would it be just technical trickery?

I'm very tempted to go to the opera tonight and take pictures of people as they arrive. (I don't think I'll come up with something this amusing, though. I mean, unless someone's willing to dress in lousy clothes and get drunk. According to one source, the photo linked to was staged; Weegee knew the woman on the right from a bar they both frequented; he had a friend get her drunk and shove her out on cue.)

I'm also tempted to find out what's the most expensive apartment building in downtown Seattle, and go there and ask to take pictures of their pets. What differences would I notice? Would they be apparent in the pictures? Would there be more similarities or more differences?
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I went into a Tully's today, which only happens once or twice a month. Quite fortuitously, there was a copy of the P-I local section from last Thursday with a picture of the SEIU rally on the first page. So, what the heck, I sent an email to the photographer asking to get together to talk about photojournalism.

In other news, I haven't bathed in several days; I'm drowsy and unable to concentrate when I'm at the computer, but stewin' and spewin' as soon as I lie down to sleep or nap; no matter what I do in a day I feel like I haven't done anything, I'm cranky to all and sundry ... what else? Hmmm. What could this mean?

Think, think.



Aug. 15th, 2005 01:50 pm
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That's an exasperated Arg!, not a pirate Argh!

Um, anyway, I've covered two events put on by the SEIU local for Real Change -- the Justice for Janitors march and the candlelight vigil -- and Friday I got an email from them saying they were having a big rally Wednesday, and wanted me to cover it, and they'd pay me.

My first response was to say I'd do it for the portfolio, but I stopped myself and said, no, they're an organization, they're willing to pay, accept that. So I sent an email back saying yes, I'd be happy to. This morning I called and left a message saying I'd like to talk details and left a return number. Well, the lady called back, and the first thing she said was that over the weekend they found someone who'd cover it for free. Arg! I said twice that if they'd asked me to I'd have been happy to cover it for free. Oh well. She gave me the details about the march, and maybe I'll cover it for Real Change, but I think offering money and then telling me they got someone to do it for free isn't very professional or respectful. (I wasn't going to ask nearly what a pro photographer asks, for what that's worth.)

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Real Change, thinking I was covering it for SEIU, had made plans to have someone else cover it. Oh well.
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Tuesday: The Seattle Night Out block party was fun. As last year, I got out the grill. Unlike last year, it wasn't so hot that the chicken caught fire. Whew! Also as last year, Jane got out her bubble supplies, which was entertaining to the proper age demographic. We close off the street, wear nametags, and talk with our neighbors. It's pretty fun, actually. For some reason, I think all the other men on the street are named "Bill" but I know that can't be the case.

Wednesday I went to the Frye and took pictures of people and/or their pets. This was a lot of fun, I enjoyed meeting all the cats and the one dog. I got a little sick, alas, and it took hours to sink in, which meant I was still sick Thursday, and had to call and reschedule my second session. Sigh.

Wednesday night, Jane and I helped Ron some more. Jane did a little cleaning, Ron and I took a load of stuff over to a friend of his, and Jane and I took back a load of furniture that would have otherwise been abandoned. (Ron: Luke, do you want this item? Luke: Ask Jane. Ron: Jane, do you want this item? Jane: Yes.) One of the said items is a leather armchair, sitting next to me in my office. With a little rearrangement, I'll have a comfy reading chair. I usually read lieing down (on couch or bed) so it'll be an experiment to see if I use it or turn it into a horizontal surface dump. Hah!

Thursday I was still allergenic/asthmatic so I didn't go to the Frye. I spent the day continuing with my huge disk clean up. Sunday I'd made the backup that was proprietary, which I didn't want. I decided to accept that anyway; the company is big enough that there will be converters for its software down the road. ("I am the very model of a proprietary backup.")

You know, that's the kind of nonsequitur that causes [livejournal.com profile] juliebata to say I need a new brain, because the one I have is melting from the heat.

I spent most of Thursday (and spare time of Tuesday and Wednesday, for that matter) making copies of my photo directory by subject. Real Change: ten discs (so far); neon: four discs (so far); insect safari: three discs; SACBO/SOLSTICE: six discs. These are straight manual copies.

I got the D70 in November, and haven't deleted a single picture I've taken with it, wanting to have a complete record of my progress. The back up was complete, but I don't think I'll make disc sets for every directory on my hard drive. A lot of the casual snapshots of Peaty, Sumac, Butter, Dave, and Skippy I'll give to Jane. The pollinator, rosebud, and cherry tree pictures I don't think I'll save, although I hope I try them again next spring. I deleted the Art 114 (photography) pictures. I deleted some Wiscon pictures.

There's lots of walkabout or flaneur directories. I love that word, flaneur. Henri Cartier-Bresson and Garry Winogrand were flaneur photographers. I like it though because I always think "poseur is to pose as flaneur is to flan"; like a flaneur is a dessert chef with more style than substance.

Now, if *I* were to ask for a new brain, it would have no ceiling for mathematics, analytic philosophy, or logic; read faster and comprehend better; and last but not least, be sillier.

Also, carry a thought for more than half a paragraph, that would be cool.

Last night we had Karrie D. over for dinner, the first time in years, and then sat on the porch talking for a couple hours. She and Jane shared hot flash/perimenopause stories.

Today: NOTHING. Well, rearrange and tidy my office to get the chair in place; call storage places to get locker prices for Julie; laundry; that kind of thing. But as far as going out, socializing, even answering the phone: Nuh uh. This means something will come up. Hah!

How come nobody writes deal with the Christ (as opposed to deal with the devil) stories?
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It's been Monday since I've done a journal update. Well, what have I done in the meantime, hmmmmm? )


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