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Today was the first chance I've had to go back to the Frye for a couple weeks. (The community director was in a class for the first two weeks of September and came back the day I left town to go to Madison, etc.) Here are the pictures:

Frank belongs to Ron, one of the chief volunteers at the Frye.

Loco was too skittish the day we tried to take her picture before.

Matichi and John. John had been in the hospital in August. He was with a caseworker when we showed up.

Scooter and Riley. Riley hadn't yet gotten Scooter when we'd gone through before. He likes her a lot, but she's shy around other people.
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Blue Moon

25 September 2005
Seattle, WA
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Stack of Plates

Sam's Restaurant, Bellevue, WA
24 September 2005
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If you're rat phobic kindly move on to the next entry on your flist.

Peaty on the table. Whatever surface he's on, Peaty likes to stand at the edge and look off. As old and sickly as he is, he still loves to explore.

Rats on table. Just another typical after dinner treat at the Hawkins-Humphries-McGuff household. Featuring the hands of Art Widner (l.) and Julie Humphries (r.) That's Peaty by the wine glass, Dave looking at the camera, and Butter in Julie's hands.
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After the Katrina vigil

Taken shortly after a candlelight vigil for Hurricane Katrina. (This was originally taken for Real Change, but I don't think they used it.)

7 September, 2005
Seattle, WA
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Back at the end of August, I went swimming with R---- and Anita. Anita wanted me to take some pictures of them together before her hair fell out. Here are a few.

Riley laughing.

Riley and Anita in the Pool.

Riley and Anita reading.

Anita combing her hair.

Gallery here.
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King Quote

Plaque in Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, Seattle
7 September 2005
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Jan Walker for Real Change. Article here.

Caption: Gig Harbor teacher Jan Walker spent nearly two decades teaching parenting classes at the state's McNeil Island Correctional Center.
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Every Which Way

After the Candlelight Vigil

20 July 2005
Seattle, WA
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Waiting for the end of the world

MacCaw Hall, Seattle
28 August 2005

Five minutes before curtain for Gotterdammerung.
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John Edwards at SEIU Rally

Rallying for security officers' financial security: former VP candidate John Edwards (Vol. 12, No. 33; August 24-30 2005). Article here.

Real Change
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Teddy's cat was nervous, because it never leaves their apartment. This was taken at the picture handout, and there were lots of people and animals present.

Frye Apartments, Seattle
26 August 2005
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Carlton and Dog 2

Frye Apartments, Seattle
8 August 2005

I brought the pictures to the Frye Friday and they were very well received. There were a couple people there who wanted their animal photographed who hadn't been home or whatever the first time. There were a couple people who wanted a different picture of their animal, and, worse yet, there were a couple people who I messed up printing the pictures I HAD taken.

But otherwise it was a lot of fun. Yeah! I'll probably go back at the end of September, after I come back from Madison (with Julie!). After that, is the blessing of the animals on St. Francis day, early in October. (If they can get a priest -- I wonder who and how they're asking.) And after that is Thanksgiving, which they do the weekend before.

What I'd like to have happen is to be able to come in there and take pictures of the marble work over the elevator doors, or take pictures of the people who live there. Best would be to go there on my own.

Well, wherever it goes, it's been wonderful. Yeah!
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Bridge deck grid

Montlake Bridge, Seattle
25 August 2005
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Dexter is part lion.

Frye Apartments, Seattle
8 August 2005
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Nathan and Topper,

Apollo (the noble dog),

and Ginger.

Frye Apartments, Seattle
8 August 2005

(There are about five more photos to go! Woohoo!)
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Boonie and Loco. Loco really, really did not want his picture taken.

Frye Apartments, Seattle
3 August 2005
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[livejournal.com profile] dirtylibrarian, playing the "Random Question Meme" got the following question and gave it the following answer.

"What would the minions of [livejournal.com profile] holyoutlaw's army look like?"

Rats in tiny trucks!


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